David, a distinguished past student of Kingston College (KC) – High School in Jamaica, was co-founder of Meadhaven United Football Club, former General Secretary of the Kingston & St. Andrew Football Association (KSAFA), former General Secretary of the Minor League Football Association, one of Jamaica’s most notable Track and Field Analysts, former Jamaica National Under-17 Football coach, and KC, Calabar High School (Calabar), and Meadowbrook High School Manning Cup coach.  He led Calabar to both the Manning Cup and Oliver Shield titles in 2005 before his untimely passing in October 2007 from a heart attack.  His passion for youth and sports were unequaled.

Our goal is to continue offering scholarships to deserving students at recipient schools: Kingston College (KC) and Calabar High School (Calabar) in Kingston, Jamaica. The scholarship is in its ninth year and we are pleased to announce that starting this school year, 2017 – 2018 we increased the number of scholarships, from 1 to 2 per school for a total of 4 scholarships to Grade 8 students from Calabar and KC. The recipients are chosen from nominees received from the school’s Grade 7 students who display commendable academic performance and attitude, are involved in co-curricular activities, and are deemed in need of financial assistance. The scholarship period covers the students from Grade 8 to Grade 13 at a cost of approximately US$5,000 (J$600,000) per student and covers tuition, books, lunch and other related school expenses. To date 21 scholarships have been awarded and over US$70,800 (J$8.5 million) disbursed.


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